If time is money, then it’s fair to assume no one wants to spend more time than necessary working with faulty labeling systems. From scraping misprinted labels to reprinting incorrect tags, inefficient labeling systems can drain time -and money- from your supply chain. While many factors can impact label efficiency, Avalon Integration focuses on a cost-effective and durable solution: Zebra Certified Printing Supplies

Thoroughly pre-tested for continued performance, Zebra’s quality consumables aggregate several unmatched benefits that simplify workflows. Ready to face wear and tear, Zebra labels go beyond eliminating extraneous labeling costs by reducing ownership costs in nine budget-friendly, eco-conscious, and brand-centered ways.

1. Maximize Printer Lifespan and Insure Zebra Quality Consumables

Maximize Printer Lifespan and Insure Zebra Quality Consumables

Designed with printers in mind, Zebra’s consumables are careful as they run through your printer, reducing printhead wear and premature printhead failure, which could cost productivity loss with surprise downtime. 

2. Reduce Return Charges from Inaccurate Work Orders

Reduce Return Charges from Inaccurate Work Orders

In 2016 the United States Postal Service reported 140 million returned packages, contributing to approximately $113 billion spent in returned online purchases. Inaccurate labels impact work orders since barcode information may not be readily legible. Made with resilient coating, Zebra labels remain legible throughout your supply chain.

3. Faster Replenishment

Faster Replenishment

Erase replenishment wait times since Zebra keeps over 400 synthetic labels and tags ready to ship within 24 hours. Maintain continuous uptime with rugged labels crafted for hard-to-label applications.

4. Print Only the Labels You Need

Print Only the Labels you need

The average American can use up to 650 pounds of paper per year. Though small, reducing the number of unnecessary labels printed can impact your company’s carbon footprint. Eliminate wasted paper with Zebra’s Continuous label to use up label surfaces intelligently.  

5. Create Strong Labels Without Harmful Plastics and Papers

Create Strong Labels without Harmful Plastics and Papers

Cheap plastics and threads leave behind printer-clogging debris and can result in an easily torn label. Count on long-lasting label performance when you design rugged labels. Use over 300 pretested materials and create a label suitable for your environment in and out of the warehouse.

6. Lessen Product Shrinkage with Trackable Labels

Tracking Labels

The longer labels last, the more visibility your supply chain maintains. Monitor and manage your inventory’s movement with labels that survive the industrial landscape. Plus, label shelves and aisles to further boost the visibility of your valuable assets.

7. Implement worker safety with printed visual cues and direct quality control

Implement Worker Safety with Printed Visual Cues and Direct Quality Control

Maximized visibility is not only beneficial to your customers. Create visible compliance labels and safety signs with color labels. Using Zebra’s IQ Color technology, give your labels a new level of versatility as they direct quality control, work in progress, and more.

8. Streamline workflows to lessen worker stress

Streamline Workflows to Lessen Worker Stress

Aisle, rack, and floor labels can work in conjunction to direct workers through your warehouse with minimal confusion. Furthermore, unadulterated barcodes drive down worker stress as they lead to more first-time successful scans.

9. Secure On-Time Deliveries with Shipping Labels That Last Outs

Secure on Time Deliveries with Shipping Labels that Last Outs

As e-commerce sets a new standard for delivery, your customers expect faster shipping rates. Therefore, shipping labels must be accurate and durable to withstand wherever field services take them, for missing/wrong shipment orders can stain customer satisfaction, possibly costing customer loyalty.

Don’t waste time with inferior labels. Boost your ROI with Avalon Integration’s labeling solutions. Speak to our warehousing experts for a free label assessment to find a solution that perfectly fits your needs.  

You invested in barcode label printers to increase accuracy and improve productivity, so you want to do everything in your power to ensure they are operating at peak performance as much of the time as possible. But just like any other piece of operating equipment like forklifts or production machinery, your barcode label printers need maintenance in order to ensure proper performance. Here are a few things to consider regarding care and maintenance of label printers.

Follow the Manufacturer’s Recommendations

The manufacturer of your printer recommends settings for darkness and pressure settings, along with print volume and operating conditions. Your reseller will help you select a printer that works with your requirements and your environment, to ensure that volume and operating conditions are ideal for the device.

Be sure not to exceed the print head pressure and speed settings, because that will shorten the life of your printer. Sometimes people adjust these settings to compensate for inferior quality label stock, but this is not a good idea either, because you will place additional stress on the printhead which can lead to other, more complex problems down the road.

When lower-quality labels are used, it can result in blurry or streaked labels that are hard to read. To compensate for this, users will increase darkness and pressure settings on the printer which slows down the operation, causes excessive wear on the printhead and may be cause for more frequent replacement of the label printer printhead or the printer itself, resulting in more downtime.

Use Quality Label Stock

Speaking of label stock, users frequently assume all label stock is the same, but in reality, it is not. There are hundreds of different variations in the marketplace, but your solution provider can help you make the right choice based on:

  • The items you are labeling
  • The material from which these items are made
  • The environment (indoor, outdoor, excessive heat or cold, etc.)
  • The life of the product being labeled (how long does it need to be labeled)

These factors impact the overall performance and life of the label you choose. The decision on which type of label material you need to use, and the quality of the manufacturing process for these labels are very important considerations.

It’s always best to buy your label stock from the manufacturer or to use their recommended brands if you want good quality, long-lasting labels. Using inferior quality labels because they are less expensive will ultimately cost you more in printer repairs and re-labeling efforts. Even more important, using inferior labels can lead to process or order errors, unhappy customers, non-compliance fees, and more.

Keep the Printhead Clean

The printhead picks up dust and residue from labels as well as the operating environment. You should follow the manufacturer’s recommendations about cleaning frequency. If you’re in a very dirty environment, you might even want to clean your printhead more often. And be careful not to use sharp objects to remove ribbons or rollers or labels from the printer, since you can easily damage the printhead.

Use Certified OEM Parts for Spares

All machinery requires replacement parts occasionally, and your Barcode Label Printers are no exception. The printhead will need periodic replacement, and it is critical that you use only printheads certified by the manufacturer. Uncertified parts may cause mechanical problems down the road, which can shorten the lifespan of your printer. You will minimize downtime and improve productivity by using a certified printhead, which will give you better performance and clearer, more readable labels.

Add a Maintenance or Support Plan

Many manufacturers and certified solution providers offer maintenance and support plans at a reasonable cost. These plans usually cover replacing printheads at recommended intervals, and you can be sure you are getting certified parts. These plans often pay for themselves in increased productivity and reduced downtime in a short period of time.

Looking for advice on the best maintenance plan for your Barcode Label Printers? Contact us today to schedule a free, no-obligation consultation, and we’ll provide you with recommendations that include time-saving solutions to boost productivity and increase profitability.