Article Originally Published By Datalogic Product Bulletin for Impact Software

Overview for IMPACT Software

Datalogic is pleased to announce the release of IMPACT Software version 11.11 enabling advanced OCR on MX-E and MX-U vision processors.

As a cutting edge OCR vision tool, the advanced OCR ensures the most robust and reliable recognition of hard-to-read characters under difficult conditions such us non-uniform backgrounds,  variable light conditions and curved surfaces.

The advanced OCR is the best solution for reading ink-jet printed dot matrix strings on package labels and embossed characters, raised or lowered in the product surface, respectively in the Food and Beverage and Automotive industries.

The Advanced OCR tool is supported by MX-E and MX-U Vision Processors

Main IMPACT 11.11 features

  • Extremely intuitive settings
  • Automatic string segmentation and character typing mode for quick font training
  • OCV and OCR string verification modes for full application flexibility

Typical Applications are

  • OCR of ink-jet printed labels/packages
  • Dot matrix character reading on bottles and cans
  • DPM string reading on mechanical parts
  • Validation of laser marked strings in automotive

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