My Device photo c/o Kristine Moser

When one thinks of mobile management and platforms, likely the first one that comes to mind is Apple. Since debuting their signature smartphone in 2007, the market has been dominated with little competition in its’ wake. Now ten years later, Apple is not only facing a strong competitor but businesses are beginning to move their platforms from an Apple-based system to an Android one.

With recent collaborations between Zebra Technologies and Android, the two companies have brought together their software and user interface to create the new “My Devices” mobile aid for Target stores nationwide. You may have already seen employees using the devices when searching store stock or checking the status of an item online, as the product was debuted last summer. While the company did not cite a reason for the switch, Target employees have leaked on social media platforms that they were unhappy with the frequent errors and inability to change the device’s batteries.

Target’s shift from Apple to Android for a point of sale and management device is in line with a current trend we are seeing in both the business and consumer markets. While there is no doubt that the iPhone and Apple will remain a strong competitor in the market, the lack of updates and technology advancements from Apple in recent years is pushing many people to make the switch to another brand. The similarities between the Android Operating System and IOS also maintain many similarities, which omits a long learning curve.

Who do you think will eventually dominate the smartphone and mobile management market? Will the release of the iPhone 8 be a gamechanger?

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