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Manufacturing AutomationOne of the biggest offices divides between the Millennial generation and Baby Boomers is the debate over the necessity of brick and mortar office spaces. While Millennials argue that the standard office building is a waste of company funds and lacks culture, it is often viewed by older workers as a place to zone in and focus on the task at hand. Nonetheless, the challenge of mobile business is something that is affecting all companies today and refusing to jump on board, whether that means ditching your office building or not, is the quickest way to ensure failure for your business.

Are you taking the necessary steps to avoid being left behind?

Enterprise Mobility Management (EMM)

 Enterprise Mobility Management is a toolkit created by Zebra Technologies to utilize current Zebra Mobility Extensions. The toolkit provides users with access to the largest number of mobile computers in the market 

Mobile Device Management Solutions

 An increase in tech-savvy individuals has required companies to adapt to a different style of business. Investing in a mobile device management package is a great way for companies to manage turnaround time, as well as managing the devices throughout their cycle. Some may also argue that the devices typically included in mobile device management are easier to maintain over time than the standard devices used previously.

Working in the tech industry can give a false narrative to the idea of mobile management for many companies. While working in the tech industry may require you to stay up to date in new business practices, equipment and trends, that does not mean that you have to think about these things for your own work. But you should be! The access to a mobile management style is becoming more and more of a possibility workforce wide, are you taking advantage of the possibilities at hand?

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