Technology in office and mobile business settings has faced the challenge of accomplishing the needs of the business with the mobility and capability of its products. As technology as a whole advance, so do the levels of durability and capability for office equipment. Zebra Technologies is continuing to prove they are a leader in the printer and scanner market with the release of the ZQ520 Mobile Support Printer.

The portable mobile device allows labels and barcodes to be printed, on location, and in a short amount of time. Zebra continues to emphasize the durability of this printer, taking it out into the field of business should be of no concern to consumers. In fact not only can the ZQ520 sustain being plunged into concrete repeatedly, it actually performs at the widest recorded temperature range of any product of its kind! All designs and technology behind the ZQ500 series are patents protected and deemed “military-grade” designed.

While the ZQ520 is portable and easily up for the challenge of mobility, Zebra also offers the ZQ510 mobile printer that is roughly three-quarters of the size of the ZQ520. Both devices in the ZQ500 series are deemed easy to remote connect and provide a secondary Bluetooth communications channel. Leaving the office no longer means leaving behind all of your operations and tools as well! The ZQ500 series provides remote management to multiple printers, operating systems, and PrintTouch NFC Technology.

Is your business running on a mobile platform or requires off-site contacts with clients? Don’t let your business deals take longer to execute than necessary, the Zebra ZQ500 series is here to close the execution gap for the better!

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