ZT610Zebra is proving that 2017 will be one of its most profitable years to date by kicking off quarter three with the launch of its new industrial printer series, ZT600. The launch of this new series comes with the promise to expand integration with other business platforms, increase durability, scaling production numbers and controlling expenses, that was originally released with the Xi series.

The ZT600 series is composed of two high-performance devices, the ZT610 printer, and the ZT620 label printer. Both partners of the new launch feature an easy to navigate interface, a sleek, clean design, and quick turnaround time that keeps the consumer in full control. The ZT610 is the printer with the faster print time, 356 m per second to be exact, as well as 600 dpi print resolution and a 4-inch visibility screen. No doubt, the ZT610 will soon see popping up in home offices, startup businesses, and high-performance operations departments.

Right in line with the ZT610, the ZT620 is the label printer for high demand office environments that also utilize mailing in multiple components of their business. This metal-based printer generates labels at a maximum speed of 12 inches per second, and six inches wide. The ZT620 will most likely be spotted in post offices, retail brick and mortar stores, and C2C businesses.

An exciting end to the 2017 fiscal year is sure to be in store for Zebra technologies and its’ consumers!

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